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Online Reference Databases

Cyberary with 100 mbps LAN connectivity facilitates students with online journal/database. Databases like CABI, AGRIS, AGRICOLA are obtained as CD-ROM version whereas INDIAN HARVEST as online databases

Winspirs :

Winspirs is a windows based client for accessing various databases subscribed by our library. If it is not installed on your PC you may download Winspirs-5.0 here and install it (Kindly do not reinstall if it is already installed). The default installation will not work unless you replace the default Winspirs ini file in C:\Program Files\WinSPIRS 5.0\winspirs.ini with latest Winspirs ini file from here. You should regularly update the winspirs.ini for accessing latest updated database.

Winspirs Installer Software

Winspirs ini file