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Gujarat Agricultural Universities Act, 2004

An ACT to establish and incorporate teaching and affiliating Universities for Imparting education in agriculture and allied sciences in the State of Gujarat

JAU HRD Information

HRD Information regarding JAU Faculty for

  1. Participating in Training Programme (Summer School / Winter School / Short Course / Refresher Course / Orientation / Short Training etc.)
  2. Participating in Workshop / Group Meeting / Review Meeting / Annual Meeting / QRT Meeting
  3. Participating in Seminar / Symposium / Conference / Convention
  4. Participating in AICRP Monitoring / Visit of Other Centre / Prelim Exam / Viva voce Exam / Expert Lecture / Guest Lecture / Fair

JAU - Versatile Information / Forms

In this section an important form for your requirements of Training Information and Circulars as well as other important information can be download

Campus Library Services

The University Campus Library was established in the year 1978. The two storeyed new Building is located at the eastern side in the main campus. Many knowledge-based services like that of Reference, Bibliography, INFLIBNET service., CD-ROM Databases, Internet browsing and e-services are provided by the library for its users

Online Reference Databases

Cyberary with 100 mbps LAN connectivity facilitates students with online journal/database. Databases like CABI, AGRIS, AGRICOLA are obtained as CD-ROM version whereas INDIAN HARVEST as online databases

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Good Governance Practices Film :

Good Governance Practices : Circular

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